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Free Vocational Centre for Women with Disabilities in Multan

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Society for Special Persons is a registered non-profit organization working for the empowerment and inclusion of persons with disabilities in all circles of life. SSP become a member of National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD) in 2010.

SSPs successful skills development programs is the formation of Self-Help Groups of Women with Disabilities (Link to WWDs page, redirecting visitors to their page) in which WWDs are provided leadership training for a specific duration in the form of workshops, thus passing on these women hands on experience about leading a group of women like themselves, finally getting a sustainable unit.Self-Help Groups provide a comfort zone for WWDs where they can learn from people belonging to their own community without hesitation. These trainings challenges WWDs at the time by inspiring them to step outside of their homes and research the possibilities of being differently able.

SSP’s Inclusive Vocational Training Center is providing PWDs with valuable skills such as computer skills, hand embroidery, sewing, makeup courses. In order to effectively mobilize PWDs travel to and from the vocational center, SSP provides free pick and drop service to them in an accessible van, so that PWDs can conveniently carry their wheelchairs with them. SSP has successfully empowered PWDs by giving them the opportunity to learn despite their disabilities and giving them confidence to make a living for themselves with honor.