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Living Independently And Being Included In The Community

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Welcome on National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD)

National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD) is a National Network of Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) like-minded governmental and non-governmental local and International Organizations that include mainstreaming of women with disabilities in their mandate. Established in 2009 To ensure full and equal inclusion and participation of women with disabilities in the development process, dynamic and effective strategies for the promotion and empowerment of women with disabilities all over the country and will be adopted international forum through developing a cooperation mechanism.

Our Vision

National Forum of Women with Disabilities (NFWWD) envisions a just and inclusive society, where women with disabilities live with dignity, respect, and equality.

Our Mission

Our mission is empowering women with disabilities through policy reforms and advocacy in all over the country.

Our Objective

To promote the national cooperation (Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Baluchistan and GB) on women with disability related concerns through strengthening and facilitating Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs).

Emerging Concept of Women Leaders with Disabilities

Considering the estimation of 2010 within the global population ‘more than a billion people are living with some form of disability, or about 15% of the world’s population’(WHO, WB 2011:7). Women outnumber men, as in the developing countries, women constitute up to three quarters of all persons with disabilities. Between 65% and 70% of these women with disabilities live in rural areas.

Pakistan has a population of 1.8million of which persons with disabilities make up 10 percent. Of this population women and children account for (please put percentage). They are living in the most vulnerable conditions which makes everyday living a challenge in itself. In this situation, persons with disabilities are excluded from the mainstream of education, health and development.

Messages of Mentors

Dr. Kozue Key Nagata
Dr. Kozue Key Nagata UNESCO

Pakistan has ratified CRPD We are most pleased to witness the landmark initiative to develop a web portal undertaken by the dynamic and committed members of NFWWDs from all the provinces. This web portal will help fill a large void that exists at present and will indubitably provide many international and national organizations the motivation and inspiration to join hands and work towards mainstreaming the concerns of women with disabilities in development in Pakistan.

Susan Sygall
Susan Sygall MIUSA

On behalf of everyone in mobility international USA I want to congratulate you for all the work that everyone has done in National Forum of Women with Disabilities. I know both personally and professionally how difficult it is to include women with disabilities in aspects of society. I am especially impressed by the work you are doing to include women with disabilities.


I take this opportunity to congratulate National Forum of Women with Disabilities for the launch on its website which will enable information sharing for disability related issues. It is extremely pertinent to improve our socio economic en-vironment to facilitate over five million disabled people in the country. Inclusion of disabled people will contribute to-wards achieving overall development goals in the country besides integrating them in society.

Judith Heumann
Judith E. Heumann Special Advisor for International Disability Rights

I congratulate the National Forum on Women with Disabilities on the work you are all doin to advance the inclusion of disabled women into society. Disabled girls and women are amongst the poorest of the throughout the world. we know that as disabled women receive education and view themselves as meaningful members of their community's greater respect and opportunities result.