International Representation

Ms. Saima Aslam

I will share my disability experiences from my childhood when it was started, how difficulties I have faced in the society while my school college life? What problems women have to face in the male dominating society? The joining of my disabled person organization and grooming of my carrier, resources and linked development.

  • To become a strong and more effective leader I want to learn the disability experience of other cultured women, their life problems with respect to disability.
  • I contribute How could I develop resources and worked in a project for the betterment of women in society.
  • I wish to work as a coordinator and want my own independent living center for disabled women where I can work for them.

Ms. Sadia ButtMs. Sadia Butt

By sharing my experiences of living as a blind person in developing country like Pakistan, I can portray a real picture of discrimination faced by PWDs in Pakistan. In this training I would like to discuss hard issues of PWDs and Specially women with disabilities. We will be able to do comparison between situation of women with disabilities in Pakistan and America.

Our organization is working to educate the general public about discrimination faced by PWDs and especially women with disabilities and by my participation in this program our organization will be able to facilitate women with disabilities better. we will be able to empower and motivate women with disabilities in a more progressive way.​

Ms. Sana Iqbal

Cheshire Disability and Development program, Pakistan for its 12 partner organizations on advocacy and campaigning, I have gained knowledge on the subject and I would be pleased to share my experiences with my fellow participants.

As a grassroot advocate of rights of persons with disabilities, I have got exposure to the community regarding the socio-cultural and economic implications of disability. I am also proficient in the use of computer access technology and can share the same with others.

Ms. Munazza Altaf

I am working for disabled persons in in Prime Life Organization since one year. Disabled person’s face many problems specially disable of rural area. Disability Leadership Professional Exchange Program will provide me an opportunity to share my learning and experiences with exchange programs participants. With the help of this program I will know about the rights of disable which will enable to perform my work effectively and efficiently. Leadership Professional Exchange Program will guide me how to work as leader with my disability. It’s really great opportunity for me.

Pakistan is developing country. Now a days many NGO is working in different program like education, health, gender balance, violence against women etc. with the help of programme I can help rural community of my country. Literacy rate in Pakistan is very low in my country I want to work for illiterate person with disabilities community especially women with disabilities which have very miserable conditions in the community.