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Consultation Meeting of Women with Disabilities 2013

National Forum of Women with Disabilities organized Consultation Meeting of Women with Disabilities in three provinces of Pakistan: Punjab (Multan), Khaber Pakhtoon Khua (Nowshera) and Balochistan (Quetta) to discuss the following points:

Networking and Collaboration:

To promote the cooperation on women with disabilities related concerns through strengthening and facilitating Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) to link them further on the whole province and national level.

Role  of  Disabled  People  Organization  to promote  the  rights  of  women  with  disabilities:

To achieve  the  mainstreamed  implementation  of  the  UNCRPD  (UN  Convention  on  the  Rights  of  Persons with Disabilities).

Provincial Presence:

To offer expert advice, research, technical cooperation and operational assistance to States, intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders, in order to regional capacities and national cooperation on the concerns of women with disabilities.

Role  of  Women  with  Disabilities as Leaders:

To  empower,  facilitate  and  engage  women  with  disabilities from very grass-roots level.