Ms. Naheed Tara

Ms. Naheed TaraMy name is naheed Tara I would like to describe my life story shortly. My Eye sights were totally normal by birth and spend my life with great pleasure. When I was able to go to school ,my father get admitted me in school I has passed my metric from govt girls high school Jogewara Peshawar after my metric I has done my FSc Govt Girls College Peshawar ,I did my BSc from frontier women college Peshawar.

After my BSc I got admission in university of Peshawar for getting Master of Science Degree in chemistry. After completion of my MSc chemistry degree I did not stop my education and my ambition was to do my M phil in chemistry and serve the people of my country. Getting admitted for M Phil in chemistry I felt that all my desires are about to complete But unfortunately I suffered from very severe headache and my father took me to CMH hospital .After the doctors diagnosis they said that I have migraine .I have continuously used medicines for this but I found no improvement from the medicines. After a few months my father took me to another doctor and he advised me CTscan .In my CTscan I was diagnosed with a brain tumor and the doctors advised me immediate surgery.

My father did my operation in Lahore hospital. The doctors said that with this operation my eye sight can be affected .After the operation I became blind completely at this moment all my desires broke down and my parents were very worried for me and I was very sad because i went to a darker side of my life from colorful one. After this incident I was completely dishearten but an organization came and they motivated me and guided me that many people are living a successful life without eye sight and with this I started a new life. I attended mobility trainings in Islamabad and Faisalabad in different institutions. Now I am working on women with disabilities, motivation. Promotion, inclusion and right based society for all. Now I am a role model for other women with disabilities and I am coordinator secretary of SPDA (special person development association).

Written by: Ms. Naheed Tara