Ms. Fatima Shah (Low Vision)

I was seven years old when words started to appear as tiny worms to me. That is when it was discovered that I was suffering from a genetic disease. Since then I have been coping with low vision. My family took me to the United States of America where the doctors diagnosed what was different with me. My parents did everything in their worldly power to make life better for me.

My family never made me feel like an unwanted or excluded member of society. They educated me like every other child in my family was being educated. No compromises were made to my education or life style because I was disabled. I was taught in one of the best education system that was available in Pakistan. Encouragement was always given to me and most importantly I never learnt or was taught from my surroundings that I am disabled so therefore sky is the limit for me. I was always taught to aim higher than the sky even and that nothing should be a hindrance for me .this gave me the confidence to do anything on my own and also limited my dependence on other people.

Written by: Ms. Fatima Shah